Saturday, June 2, 2012

Amazon Pre-Orders are Shipping...

If you pre-ordered your Cobra Killer book through Amazon - they started shipping out to customers yesterday - so I would imagine everyone will probably have their copy sometime next week.
 Barnes & Noble should be soon to follow.


  1. Got my copy yesterday, June 5, two days earlier than Amazon's estimated arrival date. I was SO excited to get it, you'd think I wrote the damn thing! It's just that we've all followed the long saga of getting this book published, to actually be holding it in my hands was a thrill.

    At this writing I've only read the first chapter and part of the epilogue covering Andrew's jailhouse visit with Joe. Everything I've read so far is EXCELLENT. That's all I'll say for now. It will be fun to have our version of Oprah's Book Club on this blog later when we've all read it.


    1. Thank you Will, hope you enjoy reading the rest of it!

  2. I'm really enjoying the book and I really want to thank you for writing it. Putting all this information together into a readable, cross-referenced format must have been a TON of work, and although I was disappointed by the delays, I'm so glad it's out, I have been waiting for this book for years.
    I'm reading it slowly to savour it. I'm wondering if you as the authors have an opinion on the case and if you'd like to share it?
    I feel that some allowance must be made for Lockheart's age, but most of the story occurred after he turned 18 and was legal, so not too much. I realize Brian isn't around to give his side but I'm finding the portrait painted of Lockheart interesting, I didn't know he was so heavily involved in the case.
    Lockheart's stories seem to contradict themselves, saying Kocis was complicit with the age cover up, then saying Kocis was harassing him for ID. Kocis was a small-time producer in PA, not Falcon, the idea that he might be a little careless with legal requirements, especially on his first shoot, Poolboy, is believable.
    Lockheart admits to being broke with no options, but then when Kocis offered him money, a lot of money, he makes it seem like it was sleazy and in his own interest, although he does admit Kocis agreed to a business only relationship. He calls himself a "Siren" that men were willing to kill for, but he did say he wanted Kocis out of the picture to the man that killed him, and what was the meeting with Cuadra in Vegas except an attempt to cut the house, Kocis, out of the financial equation?
    In a way I'm feeling bad for Kocis, which I never expected. Whatever his involvement he certainly didn't deserve to be murdered.
    Lockheart has no phone and complains, so Kocis gives him one and Lockheart says he only did it to further manipulate him. Lockheart has no money so Kocis offers him a place to stay, a new car and 6 scenes at $3,500 per scene. Again Lockheart spins it and later calls the deal a joke. I get that Lockheart feels manipulated but I'm not sure why, or sure that's he's admitting his own part in the manipulation scenario.
    I have NO IDEA how you managed to write all this without putting your two cents in.

  3. Peter and Andrew took the high road of being as unbiased as possible. I'm thankful they did because it allows for enhanced integrity.

    It will be interesting to read the thoughts & beliefs of others. To the gentlemen commenting above, I think you've brought forward several dichotomies. It will be enlightening to hear what others think about your noted contradictions.

    To the authors, I hope your book sales are meeting or exceeding your expectations for the pre-sales.

  4. Thank you for all of your comments, each of you. I truly appreciate knowing what readers think. I know Peter and I talked a lot about producing a credible account of this crime, one that let readers make their own choices at times about what is right/wrong, or true/false. We tried to give voice, particularly, to Bryan Kocis who suffered a horrendous fate. Some readers may not care for the book - and that's OK too! An old saying someone I admired used to say, "If you want things rosey and warm, stay up on the porch with the old dog. If you want to do something and experience something, get down off there and get going!" - Andrew E. Stoner

  5. Holy cow it's out already??? Last I read, release date was June 21st. And the book store was supposed to notify me when it got in, I guess they dropped the ball on that (sigh).

    Oh well, off to the store we go, wish me luck...

    1. Jim, the release date has changed more than my underwear (okay - old joke)... but yeah, it's been out for about 2 1/2 weeks now.

      Luck is wished, and do let us know if you were able to secure a copy.

  6. Hi Jim! Why are you posting in this thread? I almost missed it. And you really should have pre-ordered from Amazon, I got the book 2 weeks ago!

    PC has said he'll start a discussion thread here at some point, see you then. (I'm almost finished reading it PC!)

  7. Hi Will! Well, this seemed like a more appropriate topic than any other the review threads above. Anyways, I got my book.

    And you know, it just figures I'd be 2.5 weeks behind the curve on this. If you recall, on Arrest Day, when the Jason Curious board was blowing up, and everyone was going on about the arrest and such, people were asking "hey where is jim?" "Wow I can't believe jim is not here commenting on this" etc.

    I had come late to Arrest Day too. :-)

    I think I'll follow Will's lead and read this slowly and carefully, and savor it. Then when the discussion thread is up, things will be more fresh on my mind.