Saturday, March 31, 2012

We're Just About There...

Galley's are complete and printing of the book will soon commence. Looks like we're going to have around 320+/- pages, plus more than 25 B&W photos.

An early May release is currently in the works.


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    1. If it happens to be mid or late May... it's not my fault. :)

  2. should you have any questions for joe that you would like for me to ask him please just let me know (he calls like clockwork on thursday evenings and is adjusting well to incarceration..... rarely is he ever in a bad mood)

  3. Um, yes, I think we all have PLENTY of questions for Joe, if this is on the level. Who are you??

  4. Anonymous: If you are legitimate, then please ask Joe if he has identified and gained awareness of the source(s) of his excessive anger issues.

    What led him astray from the ministry?

    What occurred to compel Joe to seek the love of money and the extreme greed that engulfed his life and led him to where he is today?

    And finally, Joe, how have you changed since incarceration (behaviorally & mindset)?

    And anonymous, if you are not legitimate then I'll have A LOT of questions for you also.

    1. Dr. Jeff,
      I am 100 percent legitimate....when I write joe this weekend I will send him the questions and respond with what joseph is interesting that you would bring up joseph going astray from the ministry because that had been the topic of many of our conversations...but I will let Joe tell it from his point of view...keep in mind though it will take a few days for my letter to reach him and a few days for him to respond unless he wants to use his call time to me thursday to give answers. For the most part DR. Jeff you will find to be an "open book"...pun fully intended